Helping Build Shelter for the victims of 2015 Nepal Earthquake

On the 25 April a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal, which killed 8,631 people. This number includes 154 people who lost their lives during the 12 May (7.3 magnitude) earthquake. The United Nations estimates that 8 million people have been affected by the quake. The government claims that approximately half a million houses have been destroyed across the 14 districts that was affected by the earthquake. The damage is colossal and the survivors continue to be traumatized by the continuous aftershocks, loss of their loved ones, homes and livelihoods. As weeks have past and the immediate need for relief subsides, the impending monsoon creates a huge threat to the life and safety of the survivors. To avoid a larger humanitarian crisis that the monsoons could bring, immediately providing semi-permanent houses to the victims, features on top of the list of rebuilding and recovery.

Shelter for Community Building (SfCB) aims to raise funds (Rs 50,000 for each house that needs rebuilding) that will be managed by a community body such as corporative, mothers groups etc. to help support the villagers to immediately build semi-permanent houses using local resources and local skills. Partnering with local body, we believe, will help in managing the various needs of individual families as per their need and lifestyle rather than creating a uniform housing option. SfCB believes that creating a basket fund (which is only sufficient to cover materials such as zinc sheets, ply board and transportation cost) among ten houses will have the people of these houses working together in coordinating the fund and sharing skills and resources. We believe that this practice will help in strengthening the community during this time of need and also help relieving the trauma caused by the disaster.

To kick start the project, SfCB has chosen to focus on Southern Lalitpur District, which is very close to Kathmandu yet is underdeveloped. Majority of the residents in this area either rely on agriculture or dairy for their livelihood.

Here is a sample of the work SfCB has started in Jhakakre Dhanda, Ward-4, Bhatte Danda VDC, South Lalitpur. The details of which are as follows:

A sample of the shelter built by CDJ
A sample of the shelter built by SfCB.
The shelter from the inside.
The shelter from the inside.

Village name: Jhakakre Dhanda, Ward-4, Bhatte Danda VDC, South Lalitpur

Number of houses within the ward (there are nine wards within a VDC)– 42 houses

Number of families affected– 447

Progress per day– Two houses per day

Project start date– 21st May 2015

Cost per house– Rs 50,000


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